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Manufacturing Processes – II

2017-8-4 · Version 2 ME, IIT Kharagpur . A wide range of materials such as steel, stainless steel, Ti and Ni super-alloys, aluminium as well as plastics, ceramics, leathers can be machined successfully using electron beam. As the mechanism of material removal is

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Superfinishing Processes Video Lecture, IIT Kharagpur. Lights off Lights ON. Lecture 31: Superfinishing Processes.Objectives, Interrelations Among The Tool Angles, Orthogonal and Oblique Cutting, Dynamo meters for Measuring Cutting Forces, CTCEAC, CCTCFA, Kinematics System of Center Lathe, Grinding Principle and Application, Gear Manufacturing...

Fundamentals of Cutting

2014-8-12 · • Grinding • Honing • Coated Abrasive • Lapping • Polishing. Metal Cutting: Relative Motion between workpiece & cutting edge of tool. Cutting …


2018-4-13 · LECTURE – 5 GEAR MANUFACTURING Contents of the lecture Gear manufacture can be divided into two categories, forming and machining. Forming consists of direct casting, molding, drawing, or extrusion of tooth forms in molten, powdered,


2018-7-19 · ME, IIT Kharagpur The horn or concentrator, which mechanically amplifies the vibration to the required amplitude of 15 – 50 μm and accommodates the tool at its tip. Schematic view of an Ultrasonic Machine The ultrasonic vibrations are …


2017-8-4 · grinding Version 2 ME, IIT Kharagpur . Instructional Objectives At the end of this lesson the students would be able to (i) understand basic principle of grinding. (ii) recognize purpose and application of grinding. (iii) understand cause of development of force during grinding.

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2021-5-29 · NPTEL provides E-learning through online Web and Video courses various streams.

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The proposed laboratory at IIT Kharagpur has functions of Single line Track, 2 to 4 Aspect Signals, Prototype Engine, Simulation Board (Panel), Level crossing, Interlocking System and Bridge. Methodology Step-6 : Collection and Analysis of Data: Data from collection points will be transmitted to the base stations through a communication channel.

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Module 4General Purpose Machine Tools Version 2 ME, IIT Kharagpur

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2020-12-8 · 5 Aug 2014 notes on grinding machines pdf Coal Surface Mining notes on grinding grinding machine lecture notes ppt ironoredressingplant More details, LECTURE NOTE machines for the use of a nation and thus, the economic and industrial growth of a nation is manufacture machine tools, compressors and print. It brings to mind the old saying,

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2016-1-5 · 5. Pawan Kumar et al. ''Optimization of Process Parameters in Surface Grinding Using Response Surface Methodology'' IJRMET Vol. 3, Issue 2,pp 245-252 May - Oct 2013. 6. Module 5 Abrasive Processes (Grinding) Version 2 ME, IIT Kharagpur…

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2021-7-14 · Administrative Responsibilities at IIT Kharagpur - Faculty Adviser of B.Tech 2011 Batch of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Kharagpur (since July 2011) - Joint Undergraduate Examinations Co-ordinator, Department of Mechanical Engineering (since November 2009)

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2016-3-1 · Lecture Number- 8 M.M. Ghangrekar, IIT Kharagpur 5 mechanically cleaned bar screen (Rao and Dutta, 2007). Velocity of 0.6 to 1.2 m/sec through the screen opening for the peak flow gives satisfactory result. 3. Head losses due to installation of screens must be controlled so that back water will not

Introduction to Non-Traditional Machining Processes

2018-3-30 · Product Requirement I Complex shapes I Machining in inaccessible areas I Low tolerances (say, 0.01 mm) I Better surface integrity (no surface defects, etc.) I High surface nish (Nano-level Ra value) I Miniaturization of products (examples: landline phone & mobile, old computers & laptop, etc.) I High MRR I High production rate while processing di cult to …

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Cryogenic Grinding of Cassia Tridib Kumar Goswami and Bhupendra M Ghodki Agricultural and Food Engineering Department IIT Kharagpur – 721302, India CRYOGENIC GRINDING AND IT''S APPLICATIONS 0 Pages · 0 · 0 B · 4 Downloads

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Bowie, Maryland Retired senior at SSVT,Lanham Nonprofit Organization Management Education IIT Kharagpur 1959 — 1962 M TECH, CIVIL ENGG college of engineering Kakinada,IIT Kharagpur 1954 — 1958 BE, CIVIL ENGG Experience SSVT,Lanham December 2013 - Present Sri Siva Vishnu Temple 2004 - Present Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur 1959 - 1998

Superfinishing processes, Honing, Lapping & …

Table 30.1 Therefore, superfinishing processes like lapping, honing, polishing, burnishing are being employed to achieve and improve the above-mentioned functional properties in the machine component. Version 2 ME, IIT Kharagpur. Read More. Offer running on EduRev: Apply code STAYHOME200 to get INR 200 off on our premium plan EduRev Infinity!

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Methodology Step-5: Laboratory Development: For continuous monitoring of the reliability modelling, risks and maintenance3 decisions making an experimental setup has been proposed at IIT Kharagpur. It is expected to receive in-kind support from Indian Railways. The objectives of the setting up this laboratory is twofold, one, to identify conditions relating to derailment, to develop ...

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2017-4-27 · • Grinding is the most important abrasive machining. Cutting occurs at either the periphery or the face of the grinding wheel. • Cutting occurs by the abrasive grains that are much smaller, numerous and random. Self- sharpening …

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Prof. Amiya Ranjan Mohanty. Head of the Department. Contact (Head) Phone: +91-3222-282278. Fax: +91-3222-255303. Email : [email protected] . The department is in a recruitment drive for bright and young active researchers as faculty members with excellent teaching skills in all areas of Mechanical Engineering.

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2021-6-3 · Grinding Principle and Application: PDF unavailable: 29: Abrasive Processes: PDF unavailable: 30: Abrasive Processes (Grinding) PDF unavailable: 31: Super finishing Processes: PDF unavailable: 32: Production of Screw Threads: PDF unavailable: 33: Gear Manufacturing: PDF unavailable: 34: Jigs and Fixtures For Machine Shops: PDF unavailable: 35 ...

Manufacturing Processes – II

2017-8-4 · grind crank pins which are eccentric from the centre line of the shaft as shown in Fig. 29.12. The eccentricity is obtained by the use of special chuck. Fig. 29.12 Grinding of crank pin A: rotation of wheel B: rotation of crank pin A B Version 2 ME, IIT Kharagpur

Control of Cutting Temperature & Cutting Fluid …

Version 2 ME IIT, Kharagpur Page 5 Module 2 Mechanics of Machining Version 2 ME IIT, Kharagpur Lesson 12 Control of cutting temperature and cutting fluid application Version 2 ME IIT, Kharagpur Instructional objectives At the end of this lesson, the students would be able to (i) State the possible ways of controlling cutting temperature (ii ...

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2017-9-20 · The grinding surface of an abrasive Grinding chip being produced by a Chip formation by an. wheel (A46-J8V), showing grains, single abrasive grain. Note the large abrasive grain. Negative rake. angle, the small shear angle, porosity, wear flats on grains negative rake angle of the grain. and the wear flat on the grain.